The Rinse And Repeat System For Parents Raising Teenagers Who  Want To Create The Unstoppable Parent-child Relationship.
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See How Some Of Our Clients Are Using This System To Rapidly Boost Connection, Improve Communication And thrive In All Area Of Family and Life.

These are examples from EXPERIENCED coaches & experts. Their results are not typical, as they are based on already having a track record of producing results for their clients in their industry.

Kris Couch, N.Y.

Our son began to be happy on the field again. He would use techniques prior to games to get his mind, body, and spirit into the game. He regained his mojo. It has also changed his approach to taking tests and being mindful of his school work.

Michele Izzo Fl.

My son has shown tremendous improvement and seems to operate from a more disciplined level. His grades have improved by having more confidence and self-esteem in class. I feel our connection is stronger than ever and he’s showing me respect like never before.

Michele Molitor, N.Y.

Rahz has been a coach, friend, and role model to both my son and me. He is one of the most positive and inspirational souls I have ever met. He exemplifies overcoming the challenges that life throws at us by turning obstacles into stepping stones.



  • ​How to manage the ups and downs of a teenager’s mood swings without having to drink a bottle of wine.
  • ​The Sneaky little trick to that will help you build a deeper and more connected relationship with any moody teenager.
  • How to nurture communication with your teens so they listen when you speak.
  • How to uncover what your child is thinking without having to feel like you are pulling teeth.
  • ​3 Simple things you can start doing to inspire and motivate your children to become confident and happy.
  • ​The number one strategy is getting teens to do their schoolwork, clean their rooms, and make responsible decisions moms expect them to. 
  • ​The 3-minute conflict eliminator framework quickly de-escalates meltdowns and creates an open and positive dialogue. 

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