New State, No Contacts, No Clients, No Where To Train...
Watch Behind The Scenes Of How A 6 Figure Fitness Business Is Built From Scratch With Only $2,000 In My Pocket!
- Taking Your Fitness Business To The Next Level -
The Florida Project TV
Get Ready To 
Change The Game
Join me on my journey of how I created a 6 figure studio with just $2,000 in my pocket. I relocated to a new state with no contacts, no clients, and no where to train. I had to become resourceful and rely on business strategies that work in 2018. I wanted to do something special for the fitness industry and have Fit Pros walk side by side with me as I pullback the curtains and show them the truth of what it takes to build a successful fitness business.
Rahz Slaughter, Multiple Studio Owner & Business Coach
The BEST Reality Show For Fit Pros!
"I've never seen anyone pullback the curtains and put their business on public display as Rahz Slaughter has with the Florida Project. Seeing step by step how he is building a 6 figure studio from scratch is simply AMAZING!"
Greg Kalafatic
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